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tsimonq2: but as i said it is minimal system, full screen and music in background and mouse keyboard buttons moving as im typing. so kind of hard to test :) Oh, lol. I'd be interested in a link to the github repo. tsimonq2: i set it up yesterday and cannot change theme without copying it in home dir from my own theme Aww... tsimonq2: from my sys log looks like its not working on my laptop. i can see login request but unable to connect to mysql server. also -v error log is empty :/ sorsis: You'll need to look at that in #ubuntu-server Is that a VM? yes. xenial on virtualbox That's a bit rough with a VM. I'd recommend testing it live. ok, ill setup again with live iso tsimonq2: are you writing the website for launchpad? sorsis: Nope, just administrating. ok There's an option in the admin control panel to have it redirect to a URL of your choice. It'll be on your website, and then you can configure the redirect. ok, nice i'll try that could i use there sorsis: If you log into your Launchpad account on, that would work. sorsis: Do you have an account on nope




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